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Maister wanted a Thread Split and I gave it to him


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Waffle House is the best drunk food ever.
I would agree. Waffles or pancakes do a great job soaking up alcohol in one's stomach.
I remember hearing a standup comedian joke "anyone here ever eat at Denny's? [light scattered audience applause] Note the enthusiasm. No one ever PLANS to go to Denny's. No one ever says 'hey, guys, I got a great idea - let's go out to eat at Denny's.' No, Denny's is where you end up at because no place else is still serving food when the bars close."
Back in the day they actually used meat for their mix. It was high fat content meat logs, but still meat and not cardboard. To cook it you throw a couple logs in the pan and pour a bucket of "special sauce" over it. It now looks like someone threw up on the raw meat. Once it's cooked they had these slotted L shaped things that fit across the pan. You would scoop all the meat into that and let the grease drain out. The amount of grease was barely greater than the accumulated grease of all the teenage employees.
I was told by an employee in 2002 that at that time, the meat was mostly meat flavored oatmeal and similar 'fillers'. He would not eat there and encouraged the rest of us to do the same.

Personally, I can't do most of the fast food places anymore. Jersey Mike's and similar places like that are ok, but I can't tell you the last time I had fast food.